Best Out Of Waste Materials

Best of Waste Materials

Children have a lot of play options these days. Right from, toys, books, online games, etc., they are spoilt for choice. In this day and age of instant gratification, children’s imagination, creativity and potential can get lost unless it is harnessed in the right way.  
What better way to do this than to use waste materials in the house to create something beautiful. Now is the time to teach your kids the benefits of reusing waste or discarded household materials in a creative  manner. Recycling waste materials is a brilliant way that not only minimizes your art and craft expenses but also a good way to introduce the children to preserve the environment in a small way. 

Why Waste? 
Every time I hear my son say ‘Mommy I am bored’, I face the challenge of ‘what next’. Utilising waste materials from the house has led us to make some great craft ideas that my son is proud to display in the house. We have made dolls from candy wrappers, airplanes from television carton and even a shoe box house for my son’s creepy- crawly pet!  
Younger children can make dolls from old socks stuffed with ags, fun characters from unused paper cups, or even animals from business cards. It is best to assist the little ones with the cutting and snipping, but let them take the lead in thinking of ways to use the waste material. You would be surprised by the ideas that they can come up with. 

When working with older children, things like old cds, plates, wool, plastic bags, plastic bottles, old magazines and many such things can be used to make pen stands, envelopes, gift bags, paper flowers, vases, etc.
They can make their work more attractive and glue on some old colorful button, wool bits, paints or just sprinkle glitter to make it glow as good as new!

The up side of crafting with waste is that your child may come up with a lot of original ideas, thus making a unique product each time. Also, there will be the pleasure of working with your kid in creating something from start! So bring out all those dusty boxes stored with old stuff and get going. 
So, did you like the tips and ideas on how children can make best out of waste materials? Then feel free to share with your friends and pass the joy! You can as well leave below any of your queries or suggestions by posting them in comment section.